‘Who’s that lady?’

The 1973 hit song, which this column’s title references, walks listeners through a man’s internal debate about approaching a woman. He describes the lady as untouchable and cold-hearted yet beautiful. It is as if he is spellbound, confused even. 

Listening to the song, I am reminded of the obscurity surrounding the issue of women in the workforce today. Glass ceilings have been cracked, and, in some cases, shattered. Yet, when she walks into the board room, steps up to the microphone, signs the memorandum, or pops up on the teleconference screen, there is still pause for the question, “Who’s that lady?”

In this issue, we introduce you to the first 18 ladies of this ongoing series. But before you turn the page, I want you to meet the Leading Ladies of TMB Publishing.

Boss Lady

This year marks Cate Brown’s 20th anniversary with TMB. She is a principal and publisher with the company; currently the only woman to be in this senior of a role in publishing for the plumbing market. Overseeing general management of TMB’s three magazines — PHC News, Plumbing Engineer and The Wholesaler — she enjoys interacting with devoted advertisers and readers. Also heavily involved in matters of business development, human resources and marketing, she has been integral to TMB’s ability to evolve and stay ahead of the curve. 

Sales Shero

Diane Spangler was the first woman to sell advertising space in The Wholesaler, where she began her career in the industry 25 years ago. Today, she is TMB’s sales manager for the Western Region, in addition to Texas and Canada. She has built a rapport of professionalism and loyalty with her clients over the years, and remains the only woman in a sales role at the company.   

 Female Faulkner

Acclaimed author William Faulkner, that is. Sarah Cimarusti joined TMB in 2014 as the assistant editor for The Wholesaler. Today, she serves as assistant editor and layout associate for PHC News and Plumbing Engineer. A social work scholar by discipline and fiction writer by practice, Sarah believes in the human element of storytelling. At TMB, she aims to help the industry tap into the passions behind the work being done.

Filmmaking Fashionista  

If you need an analysis of each Emmy News & Documentary nominee’s work and breakdown of their red carpet looks, Danielle Galian is your girl. Danielle studied broadcast journalism and communications at Loyola University Chicago. In 2014, she brought her reporting skills to TMB as assistant editor of The Wholesaler, a position she still holds today in addition to supporting the nuts and bolts of production. Danielle is shedding light on the next generation of the industry one video, photograph and social media post at a time. 

(Wo)Man in the Mirror

Then, there’s me. I’m a multimedia storyteller with a decade of experience creating content for business-to-business, philanthropic, minority and academic audiences. I received my B.A. in English from Spelman College and M.S. in Journalism from The Medill School of Northwestern University. In 2013, I joined TMB to take on the newly created role of assistant editor and social media coordinator. Two years later, I was promoted to my current role as editorial director of PHC News and Plumbing Engineer; the first African-American woman to lead both magazines. My goal is to cultivate these magazines into journalistic bodies of sound editorial standards, reputable and diverse narratives, and leading digital tie-ins.

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