30 years of S.S. Dannaway Associates

Honolulu - Celebrating 30 years of service, S.S. Dannaway Associates, Inc. strives to provide quality fire protection engineering consulting for their clients.

S.S. Dannaway Associates, Inc. president, Samuel S. Dannaway, PE, CSP, FSFPE, LEED AP founded the company in 1985 as S.S. Dannaway Engineering.Mr. Dannaway started the company as a one person exclusive in-house consultant to Benjamin S. Notkin and Associates, Inc.  He then filled the need for a Hawaii based company capable of providing full service fire protection engineering consulting.  As the company became incorporated in 1991 the name changed to S.S. Dannaway Associates, Inc. (SSDA).

With the demand for fire protection engineering services, SSDA has grown since its inception, currently with 17 employees, which includes 7 licensed Fire Protection Engineers.

SSDA’s reputation brings honest quality engineering work as a result of the commitment and hard work from our dedicated staff.

SSDA specializes in fire protection consultation and design services in the Pacific Region including Guam, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. We provide quality design and life safety services for new construction and renovation projects. We are involved with a wide range of projects including commercial, industrial, and government facilities.

We are committed to continue our efforts to deliver quality full service fire protection engineering throughout the Pacific Region.

Visit www.ssdafire.com 

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