Aerco introduces The OriGen energy recovery system

AERCO International, a pioneer of condensing boilers that recover latent heat from the unit itself to save energy, has expanded its portfolio with The OriGen, a energy recovery system that converts waste heat into clean, renewable power.

Because of its ability to capture and turn low- to medium-temperature waste heat into usable electricity, The OriGen can be used across a broad range of applications, including biomass, geothermal/solar, and heat recovery such as manufacturing and industrial plants, office buildings, landfills, power plants and refineries.

“Saving energy and increasing efficiencies through our products and solutions has always been paramount to AERCO,” said Dean Grunseth, vice president energy recovery and climate solutions. “With The OriGen, we raise it to another level by providing energy savings for an entire enterprise. Generating power from sources that would have been otherwise discarded into the environment without consuming fossil fuels or producing toxic emissions is simply good environmental stewardship.”

Clean, Renewable Energy 

The OriGen is able to generate 20kW to 1MW of power using ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology and proven, conventional HVAC components in a continuous cycle, closed system. It uses a unique twin-screw expander that provides greater flexibility with varying input loads and increased reliability compared to other turbine expanders. It delivers 8-10% higher efficiency reaching up to 90 percent isentropic efficiency. No fossil fuels are burned and no toxic emissions are produced with The Origen.

Operational Cost Savings

In addition to being a “cleaner” solution, The OriGen has substantial economic benefits, as ROI is typically within two to four years. Operating and maintenance costs are much lower because The OriGen is self-powered and completely automated, eliminating the need for an operator. Substantial state and federal rebates are available for further economic benefits, as well. By allowing facilities to consume supplemental, non-grid power locally, The OriGen helps decrease both peak and overall power demand on the utility grid while reducing utility rates. 

AERCO can customize The OriGen to meet various facility sizes and requirements. The solution has a modular and scalable design to accommodate larger plants, and is available with multiple condenser configurations. AERCO also offers installation and start-up services to ensure optimal performance.

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