ASSE looks for volunteers for group to develop rainwater harvesting professional qualifications standard​

ASSE International is forming a working group for the development of ASSE Series 21000, Professional Qualifications Standard for Rainwater Catchment System Designers, Installers and Inspectors.

This new professional qualifications standard will identify the minimum level of knowledge required to install, design, and inspect rainwater catchment systems, which collect rainwater to be used for a variety of plumbing and/or irrigation applications. Since there is no consensus standard that sets the minimum training requirements for rainwater catchment professionals, this standard will level qualifications and raise the bar for rainwater harvesting professionals who install, design, and inspect these important and evolving systems.

The first working group meeting will be held in early June via web conference.


Industry stakeholders – including rainwater catchment system installers, designers, inspectors and manufacturers, plumbing professionals, building owners, building managers, engineers, AHJs, and the general public – are invited to participate.

To apply for a position on this committee, you must submit a completed application, which can be found here,  and résumé to Marianne Waickman, professional qualifications coordinator by email at

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