Bell & Gossett launches ESP-Systemwize system selection tool

Xylem’s Bell & Gossett brand has introduced ESP-Systemwize, the industry’s first online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure an efficient hydronic system design.   

ESP-Systemwize is the evolution of Bell & Gossett’s ESP-Plus Online, integrating aspects of the previous program while adding new user-friendly features to specify efficient pump systems.

The tool includes Bell & Gossett’s Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) selection criteria, a calculation that represents the efficiency of the pump at partial flow rates. Flow requirements fluctuate based on the heating and cooling needs of a building at any given time. Industry professionals select pumps at 100 percent load conditions.

The ESP-Systemwize guides industry professionals through the specification process by providing side-by-side product comparisons, an express select button that helps narrow down a pump search and an active warning system that alerts users of potential sele ction problems. ESP-Systemwize is also searchable by groups of products — a click of the performance button analyzes a pump’s multiple speeds in real time and the workplace tab offers additional product data.

Another feature of ESP-Systemwize that helps industry professionals with the pump selection process is the option to create a customized project schedule, share it with a manufacturer's representative in their area, and edit it, enabling the management of the entire system selection process in a single project schedule. Engineers and system designers can also generate submittals and download other technical documentation for information on proper installation and applications of the products they selected.

ESP-Systemwize will be updated regularly with new features and capabilities to maintain its status as the most comprehensive system selection software available today. 

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