Bluewater Celebrates Offering Flint Lead-Free Tap Water

Bluewater has installed two of its Pro water purifiers in two community centers in Flint, Michigan. Each Pro is able to deliver up to 52 gallons of pure water an hour, removing contaminants such as lead.

2 Bluewater water purifiers, donated twelve months ago to Flint, Michigan, as the lead crisis unfolded, continue to deliver hundreds of gallons of contaminant-free tap water to local citizens. The two units being used by two Flint community care centers are designed to generate 52 gallons of healthier tap drinking and cooking water every hour throughout the day.

“Not only do Bluewater water purifiers remove toxic metals such as lead as well as chemicals, microorganisms and pharmaceutical by-products from water, but they are also good news for the environment because they reduce the need to use single-use plastic bottles,” said Ms. Lin Guo, Bluewater Inc. national representative. She estimated that if used to full capacity the two Bluewater units in Flint will have produced over 900,000 gallons of water in the last twelve months, which is the equivalent of 3.4 million one-liter (33.8 fl.oz) bottles of water.

Bluewater's patented technology is designed to remove lead from tap water. During the crisis in Flint increased levels of the toxin has sparked complaints from residents of discolored water, headaches and skin rashes and increased fears of longer-term health issues.

Sheila Shegos, director of development at Catholic Charities, said, “Bluewater's donation of its Pro water purifier is a blessing and true gift that is something to celebrate.”

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