Bosch Greenstar floor-standing condensing boiler

The wall-mounted Greenstar gas condensing boiler for residential applications is now available in a floor-standing version for all eight regular (heat) and combi (heat+hot water) models: regular heat only models 57, 79, 100, 131, 151 MBH inputs and combi heat+hot water 100, 131, 151 MBH inputs. FS models are ideal for use in applications where wall-mounting options are not available or a floor standing unit is preferred. Models are equipped with pump, pressure relief valve, propane conversion kit and twin pipe flue adaptor. FS models have integrated low-loss header and temperature sensor. Regular heat-only models contain an indirect hot water tank sensor; combi models include an expansion vessel. Minimum gas pressure of 3.5 inch wc makes the Greenstar FS boiler suitable for low gas pressure lines, especially in large cities.

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