Brass ball valves

These code-listed, commercial-grade, PEX-to-PEX, fullport ball valves are available in ½ to 2 inch sizes and are appropriate for non-potable PEX piping applications. In addition, they are listed to ANSI/NSF 14 and cNSFus-rfh and tested to ASTM F877, ASTM F1960, CSA B137.5 and NSF 359, allowing professionals the flexibility to add a reliable, code-listed valve anywhere in a commercial radiant heating/cooling or hydronic piping system. The valves feature blowout-proof stems and are available with stem extension kits to accommodate up to 2 inches of insulation in insulated piping applications. Both ends of the valves are manufactured with the ProPEX fitting system for expansion connections that cannot be dry fit and hold tight with up to 1,000 pounds of radial force. 

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