China’s ‘5th space’ toilets include wi-fi, ATMs and charging stations​

China will have a “toilet revolution” featuring “three-star rating” loos nationwide by 2017.

China’s new public toilets feature an ATM, a lounge with vending machines, a machine for paying utility bills and even an electric-car charging station. Every toilet is furnished with a flat-screen television, and use grey water for flushing

With the appearance of a bright convenience store, "5th space" was opened outside government offices in the city's Fangshan district. Officials say more “5th space” toilets will be opened in the city’s outlying Tongzhou, Shunyi and Pingu districts.

A spokesperson for the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group said the “5th space” moniker is meant to declare that these state of the art public toilets will coincide nicely with China’s other four spaces: family space, work space, leisure space and cyber space.

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