Community Plumbing Challenge improves living conditions

The Community Plumbing Challenge 2016, which this year took place in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa, concluded last week.

Organized by IAPMO in collaboration with the World Plumbing Council, the international event aims to contribute to improvements to public health in regions where communities are still threatened by a lack of basic sanitation and safe drinking water systems.

Communal toilets have long been problematic for Diepsloot residents because of overcrowding, being dysfunctional and poorly designed, compromising the health and dignity of people.

During the week of July 9, eight defunct communal toilets were taken out of the ground in Diepsloot Extension 1, where four international student teams (representing Australia, India, United States and South Africa) collaborated to develop the most effective and sustainable new upgrade solutions. Teams assembled and tested their new designs, and reinstalled and reconnected these communal toilets for local Diepsloot residents.

Check out the Community Plumbing Challenge’s Facebook page for more details.

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