Copper press fittings

These copper press fittings provide water and airtight sealing for industrial, commercial and residential applications and are compatible with most press tools. Developed for use with copper tube in hard, half hard and soft temper, these press fittings contain an EPDM O-ring with circumferential leak track properties. The product is specified for the following: operating pressure to 200 PSI max, test pressure to 600 PSI max, low pressure steam to 15 PSI max, vacuum 24.5" mercury max at 68 degrees, and operating temperatures of 0 to 250 degrees F.  Meets or exceeds all pertinent plumbing product standards such as: NSF International,  ASME B 16.51–2011, CSA International, CRN Listed (Canada), UPC/IPC by IAPMO and MASS Approval.

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Jones Stephens
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