Delany Products appoints new representative

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. —Delany Products announced the appointment of ELMCO + ASSOC. to represent its Northern California and Northern Nevada areas.

In 1945, Elmco was founded in California by Earl L. Morris. Soon after, Morris recognized his passion was in selling products specified by engineers rather than generic products. Elmco’s mission is to successfully differentiate its manufacturing partners in the mind and heart of customers through innovative thinking, professionalism, integrity, product education and unyielding service. The company aligns with Delany Products’ mission of continually providing superior Flush Valves and Faucets that deliver the best quality, efficiency and reliability at a fair price.

Scott Delany, president of Delany Products, welcomed Elmco’s expertise. Delany said, “The strong management style and the attention that Elmco’s leadership places on trend-setting and innovation fits with Delany’s own vision as we continue to introduce ground breaking products and solutions in the flush valve and faucet category.”

Kirk Kleinen, president of Elmco + Assoc., said, “Delany Products has the most innovative and dependable products in the market today and we are proud to be able to deliver these valves to our clients. We believe in service from the bid stage through the life of the product. With Delany Products we can be confident of long-lasting top quality valves being installed at our client’s facilities.”


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