Engineering firm designs borehole thermal system for Marine base​

Engineer Chuck Hammock with Andrews, Hammock & Powell holds up a sample of a geothermal pipe.

Andrews, Hammock & Powell, an engineering firm from Macon, Ga. has developed what its says is the nation’s first borehole thermal energy storage system for the U.S. Marine Corps Logistic Base in Albany, Ga.

The Telegraph newspaper reports the system began operating in August, and in the first 30 days showed a 53 percent reduction in energy costs from the same period the year before.

Chuck Hammock, a founding partner in the firm, said the company spent nearly three years designing it and created 35 computer models to get it exactly right.

The system consists of 306 boreholes that are drilled 210 feet into the ground. About 1.5 miles of fiber optic cables monitor the temperature, according to the story.

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