Flint water crisis probe turns toward spike in Legionnaires’​

The investigation into the Flint water crisis could soon take a much more serious turn with more serious charges.

One possible aspect of the crisis caused a dozen people to die, by contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

So far nine officials charged with misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty for failing to warn people about the crisis.

In an interview on a local radio station, the state’s Special Prosecutor Todd Flood indicated that further investigation will try to prove that Flint’s corrosive water caused Legionella bacteria to grow inside Flint’s damaged piping system.

“We are very much looking into the Legionnaires’ disease and the Legionella bacteria and what the effects are, who passed, who died because of that,” he said. “If we can show where that may lead, that could be a very serious charge. And I’ll let that unfold as we investigate that.”

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Source: The Detroit News

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