Grundfos develops ATMs to distribute water in developing countries

The project is still in its pilot stage, but being tested in Kenya, Uganda, Thailand and Nigeria. I

Fast Company website Co.DESIGN reports on how Grundfos developed the AQtap to solve the problem of dispensing clean water while also creating revenue for the local community.

Users get a "water card" with which they can collect points, either by making a purchase from a vendor or making a payment on their phone. When they swipe their card at the machine, a simple interface will allow them to select the amount of water they want and then deduct the points from their card. A hose below the screen dispenses the selected amount of clean water.

That way, Grundfos's Jesper Ravn Lorenazen explains, "the money that they invested can be collected and reinvested into supplying water. And at the same time [the local government] is incentivized to keep them operational, because if it's not operating, there's no income."

More details here.

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