Hot water recirculation

All systems are designed to conserve water and increase comfort by reducing the delivery time of hot water to outlet fixtures. The Plumb n’ Plug periodically recirculates hot water with quiet, efficient operation and low power consumption. The optional 24 hour analog or 7-day digital programmable clock timers are easy to program and can be set to run during peak usage hours or continuously. The SmartPlus is fully automatic and never needs programming. When set to “smart” mode, the circulator records each time hot water is called for during a week’s time, then duplicates the pattern the following week. The Hot-Link provides instant hot water with no additional plumbing or electrical required. Hot-Link is a quick, easy retrofit using the existing plumbing. The Taco Genie is a small, silent pump that attaches to hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under remote kitchen or bath fixtures. When activated, cool water that normally runs down the drain is recirculated back to the water heater through the cold water line. 

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