Hubbell PT Gas Booster Water Heaters

The Hubbell PT series of gas booster heaters deliver consistent and accurate sanitizing rinse water to commercial kitchen. Constructed with only high-grade materials, the PT series provides the ultimate in dependability and performance for all dishmachine sanitizing needs. The PT56 is the industry's only certified ventless gas booster heater and is designed for use with under counter or door type dishmachines. The PT125 and PT200 are the industry's only gas tankless booster heaters designed specifically for use with conveyor or flight type dishmachines. Every model in the PT series uses the patented VariFlame technology to optimize efficiency and temperature control while minimizing the amount of gas required for use. The optional wall mounting feature saves precious floor space and eliminates the many problems associated with typical floor standing booster heaters.

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Hubbell Water Heaters
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