Hydraulic Institute collaborates on NPSH technical webinar

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – In its continuing effort to provide education on current and important topics to the pump industry, the Hydraulic Institute has collaborated with its NPSH committee members in developing a technical webinar program that focuses on NPSH and its relationship to cavitation and other pump operation. No end user or pump supplier wants to experience the issues associated with lack of NPSH such as increased noise and vibration due to cavitation, beginning of head or efficiency drop, and eventual damage to pump impeller or casing.

Designed for pump distributors, manufacturers and end users, the NPSH webinar instructs participants on how to calculate the available NPSH, understand how insufficient NPSHA will affect pump operation and what NPSH margin is needed to ensure good performance longevity to pump equipment.

Mark Sullivan, HI’s Education & Marketing Director, explained, “Understanding NPSH margin is critical to ensuring optimum and long-term pump performance. Working with HI committee members in developing this webinar that focuses on NPSH is an important achievement as the industry needs education on this topic.”

The one-hour webinar will be conducted January 13, at 1:00pm(EST) with time allotted for a live Q&A session. Cost is $119, with HI members receiving an additional 25 percent discount, along with attending earning 1 PDH credit at conclusion. HI also offers corporate group webinar site licensing for the lowest prices in training larger groups.

Registration is open now at: http://estore.pumps.org/Rotodynamic-Pumps-Guidelines-for-NPSH-Margin-Web...

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