IAPMO R&T Water Systems Now Offering Asbestos Testing

IAPMO R&T's Water Systems Certification Program, North America’s third-party testing and certification body for water treatment products, is offering an asbestos testing option to its customers. The asbestos testing option is based on the performance requirements set in NSF/ANSI 53, Drinking Water Treatment Units Health Effects, which requires the removal of 99 percent of high-concentration asbestos fibers introduced to a water system.

“Prior to IAPMO R&T Water Systems offering this option, there was only one lab that provided this testing,” said Tina Donda, IAPMO R&T Vice President of Water Systems. “This new offering will increase the industry capacity for asbestos testing, at a fair price, and expand testing options available to water systems manufacturers.”

The Water Systems program tests and certifies such products as point-of-use drinking water treatment units, systems and chemicals, microbiological purifiers, shower filters, and scale reduction devices.

The Water Systems program touches upon the hallmarks of IAPMO R&T’s certification service — efficiency, affordability, attentiveness, trust, recognition and integrity.

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