ICC announces 2015 Building Safety Month

Washington – In just a few months, jurisdictions will mark the 35th annual celebration of Building Safety Month. Building safety professionals will host community events to demonstrate the correct way to build to code, or the importance of building permits and inspections, or similar themes that demonstrate the benefits of code compliance.

“Over the years, the Code Council has been thrilled with the support and public visibility that has been given to building safety and building safety professionals by community events hosted by ICC Member jurisdictions, support from ICC Chapters and recognition by presidential, gubernatorial and municipal proclamations,” said ICC Board President Guy Tomberlin, CBO. “We encourage your participation in Building Safety Month and appreciate the support from corporate sponsors.”

Weekly Building Safety Month themes support the overall message: “Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes.” May 4-10, “Don’t Get Burned–Build to Code,” focuses on protecting homes and buildings with essential safety measures.

“Bounce Back Faster from Disaster–Build to Code” is the theme for May 11-17, raising awarenes to prepare for natural disasters. May 18-24, is Water Safe, Water Smart–Build to Code week, focusing on pool safety and how plumbing codes reduce water usage and ensure safe drinking water. “Save Energy–Build to Code” is the area of focus during May 25-31, spotlighting advancements in sustainable design and energy conservation.

From brochures to news release templates, strategies on how to set up a Building Safety Month event, sample proclamations, children’s activity pages, stickers, banners, pencils and yard signs, a host of support materials are available online.

Visit www.buildingssafetymonth.org

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