Illinois to spend $2.3 million to fix water system linked to deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak​

Legionnaires' disease has been blamed for the deaths of 12 residents of the community.

State records show Illinois is spending at least $2.3 million to fix a water system linked to a Legionnaires disease outbreak that has killed 12 residents at a veterans home located in Quincy.

Contracts show the state has hired companies to monitor the veterans home's water supply and build a secondary water treatment facility there.

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman Ryan Yantis said a temporary treatment system is being built, and construction of a permanent system will follow.

The 129-year-old facility is the state's oldest and largest home for veterans and their spouses with 400 residents living on 210 acres with more than 40 buildings. Yantis said the home's age and size of the facility make for "unique challenges."

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