Johnson Controls BlueStream Hybrid Cooling System​

Johnson Controls’ BlueStream Hybrid Cooling System features a thermosyphon hybrid cooling to reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems by 25 to 80 percent compared to all-evaporative heat rejection systems. It also maintains peak process output and energy efficiency on the hottest summer days.

Used in conjunction with a traditional cooling tower, the BlueStream system offers “dry” cooling through a thermosyphon process in which refrigerant circulates naturally, with no need for a pump or compressor. Intelligent, web-connected controls coordinate the operation of both the wet and dry system components and adjust in all weather and thermal load conditions for optimum efficiency, utilizing “wet” cooling when it’s hot and “dry” cooling when it’s not.

BlueStream is an ideal technology for process cooling, data centers, power generation and year-round, base-loaded HVAC applications with water-cooled chillers. Initial analyses indicate a payback period of as low as 2.5 years, depending on the facility’s geographic location, utility costs and operating conditions.

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Johnson Controls
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