Mansfield Plumbing looking to hire 40 new workers

Perrysville, Ohio – Thanks to continued business growth, Mansfield Plumbing is currently looking to hire 40 new full-time employees.

“We're fortunate that we continue to add production volume and new equipment to our operations to meet the demands of our customers,” said Paul Stover, vice president of manufacturing at Mansfield Plumbing. “This ongoing expansion means we're looking to immediately add 40 new workers who want to work hard and start a career with our company.”

Positions at Mansfield Plumbing have a starting wage of $12.29 per hour, with an average pay of $16.50 an hour. Workers receive full health and dental benefits plus 401k options after 90 days of employment. Mansfield Plumbing operates its manufacturing facility in Perrysville 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Job opportunities that involve physical work are available for all shifts.

Stover, a 22-year employee at Mansfield Plumbing, started with the company in 1993 as a clean-up person. He tackled various new job challenges during the years and serves as an example of how individuals can advance and have long-term careers at the company.

“Manufacturing careers aren't generally glamorous, but when you align with a company that believes in their employees and takes care of them it's easy to turn a job into a lifelong career,” said Stover. “At Mansfield Plumbing we work together as a team towards a common goal. That single element makes this career rewarding.”

Stover continued, “The job openings we have available require physical work. This isn't for everyone. We're looking to hire people with a dedicated work ethic who are ready to work for good pay. If you're that person, we're definitely ready to hire.”

Individuals interested in employment at Mansfield Plumbing must be at least 18 years of age, pass a pre-employment physical and functional capacity test plus a drug screening and background check. A high school diploma is not required. For more details and to apply, contact the Human Resources Department at 419-938-1348.




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