Matco-Norca introduces bronze Y-style strainer

Matco-Norca has introduced a new bronze Y-style strainer for use with residential, commercial and light industrial plumbing systems. Matco-Norca’s 146T Y-Strainer filters out solid debris such as gravel and deposits from the water line to prevent clogging or damage to equipment in the flow stream. The 146T Y-Strainer is an economy-style strainer that features a 20-mesh stainless steel 304 screen and 304 stainless steel washer for corrosion resistance. It can handle either water, oil or gas (WOG 200) service and is ANSI B1.20.1 compliant for its threaded pipe ends. Fabricated in ISO 9002 facilities, Matco-Norca’s 146T Y-Strainer comes with a screw cap and is available in two sizes: ¾ inch and 1 inch.

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