Mestek announces new vice presidents

Westfield, Mass. –  Mestek, Inc. is pleased to announce that three new corporate officers have been elected by the board of directors for their outstanding leadership and dedication to the company. 

Emerson Hobgood —Vice President, Farmville Operations.

Like many Mestek leaders, Emerson learned the Mestek business from the bottom up, building his career at the Farmville operation with a solid foundation that he started in 1977 as a full time press operator while attending college.  

Charles Perry, Jr. —Vice President, Sterling HVAC.

Perry joined Mestek in 2010 as sales manager for Sterling HVAC, bringing to Mestek over 35 years of HVAC sales & marketing experience. He has played a key role revitalizing Sterling HVAC through steady leadership on many fronts from relationships with manufacturers’ representatives, national accounts and customers, as well as initiatives in marketing, new product development and team building within the organization.

Kurt Shea —Vice President, DPG Engineering.

Shea joined Mestek in 2012 as Mestek’s Distributor Products Group director of engineering, bringing to Mestek true professionalism in engineering management. His years of experience managing large engineering teams performing complicated tasks have served him well at Mestek. Over the past three years, Shea has led the company's largest design and engineering group effectively.


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