Michigan Governor Renews Push for Stricter Lead Limits

Gov. Rick Synder

Michigan Gov. Rick Synder’s 2016 proposal to enact the country’s strictest standards for lead in drinking water may be taken up by legislators soon.

Synder called for the limits 10 months ago following his testimony during federal congressional hearing on the Flint water crisis. He called for lowering Michigan’s action level for lead to 10 parts per billion from the federal level of 15 ppb.

The governor recently said state legislators will introduce the proposal in the coming legislation session.

In addition to the 10 ppb threshold, the governor’s initial proposal also called for the following:

  • Water utility systems would have to inform customers of high lead levels within two days of testing instead of the current requirement of 30 days. The state would provide blood tests for residents in homes with lead levels in the water exceeding 40 parts per billion.
  • Mandatory disclosure that a home contains a lead water service line in housing sales and rental contracts.
  • Creation of fines for violating the state’s lead and copper regulation rules.

Full details here.

Source: The Detroit News

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