Olympic teams resort to hiring plumbing firms to fix housing

The Summer Olympic Games are a week away, and already organizers have been forced to mount a "massive operation" to fix a deluge of plumbing and electricity problems at the Athletes' Village in Rio.

The Australian team was one of the first to complain about problems with plumbing and electricity. Spokesman Mike Tancred described a wide array of plumbing, electrical and cleaning issues at the Village. Tancred said 10 of the 31 buildings were determined to be inhabitable.

"We're having plumbing problems, we've got leaking pipes," Tancred told AP. "We've got electrical problems. We've got cleaning problems. We've got lighting problems in some of the stairwells. We did a stress test on Saturday, turned on the taps and flushed the toilets, and water came flooding down the walls."

The Australian hired its own plumbers and electricians to right the wrongs, and reports are that Great Britain and Italy have done the same.

More details here.

Source: The Washington Post


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