Point-Of-Use Panel Improves Precision In Nitrogen And Carbon Dioxide Incubators

The 55S Series Point-of-Use panel provides final line pressure control and individual isolation for up to four streams of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, making it suited to supply four individual incubators or two dual-stack incubators from a single panel. 

Utilizing regulators conforming to CGA E-4 standards, the product provides accuracy in controlling pressure to the incubators. With the ability to handle inlet pressures up to 2400 PSIG from the gas source, the panel will mitigate damage to incubator components associated with over-pressurization. The product also controlls the source to the required operating pressure (6-15 PSIG) to meet the application’s continuous demand. Combined with packless diaphragm valves featuring metal-to-metal seals and clear position indicators, the panel achieves 1x10¯⁸ ccs helium leak integrity to maintain gas purity and eliminate leak paths.

The optional pipe away relief valve will eliminate damage to the instrument in the unlikely event of a panel failure.

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