Portable eyewash family

The product family includes personal emergency eyewashes, a tempered portable eyewash, and two air-pressurized portable eyewashes. Personal emergency eyewashes provide immediate flushing fluid while the injured person is en route to an emergency station. Offering two sterile liquid options, this eyewash comes in various sizes and mounting options with a pH neutral treatment and a saline option. Model 7501T is a tempered portable eyewash with a self-contained, 9-gallon, gravity-fed, tempered eyewash. The unit uses a heated, insulated blanket to provide tempered water in operating temperatures from -30 F to 100 F in non-extreme outdoor conditions. Model 7603 is a 15-gallon self-contained, air-pressurized, portable eyewash. Model 7601.15 is a 15-gallon self-contained, air-pressurized, portable eyewash with an ASME rated tank. Haws


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