Solderless connections

The launch of the Wilkins Z-Bite and Z-Press Solderless Connections creates a wide array of push-fit and press-fit connection options. The new Wilkins Z-Bite and Z-Press Solderless Connections will connect to backflow preventers, regulators, and thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs). With no soldering necessary, and without the need to fully drain the water from a piping system, both types of the new connectors allow for faster installation and repairs, saving both time and money. The torchless sealing method prevents the chance of fire. The Z-Bite Solderless Connections can be installed by non-skilled laborers, and require little or no training. The fittings are removable, allowing products to be repositioned or replaced easily. Z-Bite can be used with copper, PEX or CPVC.

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