SpacePak Solstice Extreme

Solstice Extreme

SpacePak’s Solstice line of air-to-water heat pumps announces their latest offering – the Solstice Extreme. The cutting edge Solstice Extreme is the perfect heat pump for primary heating and cooling in severe weather climates. From small homes to large homes with multiple thermostat driven zones and light commercial applications, Solstice heat pumps provide flexible hydronic solutions for a wide variety of applications.

The new Solstice Extreme with Enhanced Vapor Injection Technology (EVI) and a high efficiency condenser, provides over 30% increased heating capacity than standard models.  Solstice Extreme provides up to 48,000 BTU/h at 0°F making it ideal for severe conditions in cold climates while maintaining the ability to cool during summer months.

SpacePak’s Solstice heat pumps use the efficiency and comfort of hydronics as the primary source for both heating and cooling to provide perfectly conditioned air in any season and any climate.   Ideal for zoning, the units can be used in conjunction with one of SpacePak’s many hydronic air handlers for distribution to the occupied space to provide a total comfort solution.  These high efficiency units are ultra-safe and environmentally friendly with all refrigerant sealed in a powder coated galvanized steel cabinet located outside the occupied space.


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