Superior Boiler Works Receives Low Emissions Certification

Superior Boiler Works, Inc. was notified that the SBW Apache boiler models in sizes 47.5 and 40 horsepower boiler models have been certified as meeting certain emissions requirements. Submitted for air quality emissions testing in California, the boiler models both met the requirements established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for sub 20 ppm NOx emissions.

The Superior Boiler Works Apache boiler is a two-pass refractory-back boiler that has undergone several improvements over the decades. It’s the same boiler model that has been used in the production of ethanol at ethanol-producing facilities.

“This is a testament to our engineering and innovation involved with insuring low emissions are obtained and operating efficiencies are maintained in the equipment we provide to our customers. We also recognize and thank our partners, Nationwide Boiler and Power Flame, who helped assist us in the overall success of this project,” said Superior Boiler Works Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gabriel Dauphin.

California has been a major driver of several low-emissions initiatives to combat environmental issues. While low emissions are targeted for California and other areas needing special attention, the company always strives to maintain efficiency.


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