Sustain-Ability Solutions launches in San Francisco by reducing water usage

Dallas – To help multi-family operators save thousands of gallons of water a year and dramatically lower utility bills, Sustain-Ability Solutions, a leader in emerging water conservation efforts, is now expanding to service the San Francisco area. Sustain-Ability Solutions provides a turnkey solution designed to maximize water and energy savings by allowing multi-family operators to upgrade units with all new, high-efficiency kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures from Niagara Conservation that reduce water usage and meet new statewide water restrictions.

Sustain-Ability Solutions partners with public and private sector managers, from apartment communities to hotels and helps to design and implement efforts to control rising utility costs. Through Sustain-Ability Solutions services, multi-unit operators can achieve an increase in property values, a decrease in utility costs and fewer maintenance issues through the installation of quality water and energy saving products. Operators can also highlight the fact that their property now features new and improved eco-friendly elements when working to attract residents or guests to their property.

Also, multi-unit operators in San Francisco can utilize Sustain-Ability Solutions to ensure their properties meet new water efficiency standards the California Energy Commission (CEC) recently established in reaction to California’s severe drought. 

Taking effect statewide Jan. 1, 2016, toilets will not be allowed to consume more than 1.28 gallons of water per flush, while kitchen faucets will not be allowed to exceed a 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate, residential bathroom faucets a 1.2 GPM flow rate and commercial bathroom faucets a 0.5 GPM flow rate. By leveraging Sustain-Ability Solutions, multi-unit operators can comply with these state regulations and take a step in the right direction to save water in California.

“We are thrilled to introduce our turnkey program to an eco-conscious city such as San Francisco, especially with the introduction of California’s new water efficiency standards,” said Joe Moats, business development manager for Sustain-Ability Solutions. “We look forward to teaming up with property managers to continue to encourage sustainable practices, and we are confident we can produce unparalleled water and energy savings to protect our most valuable resources.”      

Sustain-Ability Solutions has been successfully implementing their water and energy saving model in other areas of California including Fountain View Apartments in Long Beach. The management company for that property, MHE Real Estate, estimates that it has saved up to 40 percent on water bills. In addition, MHE has saved almost four million gallons of water every year. As an added bonus, Nate Akiva, managing director of MHE Real Estate, discovered a rebate program from the city of Long Beach that covered most of the costs for newly installed toilets and water-related products.

“It was a win-win,” Akiva said. “MHE could get the toilets and aerators for virtually nothing, and we could test whether the retrofit would really drive savings. Plus, I tried them myself and realized they weren’t yesteryear’s versions of high-performance fixtures. They had excellent performance.”


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