The times they are a-changin'

One of the things that defines human beings beyond other living things on the planet is our ability to conceive of and look toward the future. After all, the future is not a tangible thing. It is an abstract concept that we create in our minds. No one can really know what events will happen in a given future, but we all use our perception of what might happen to shape the decisions we make in the very real here and now.

In the January issue of Plumbing Engineer, we offered a forecast of 2015. We received lots of great feedback from our readers and from experts in all parts of the industry. The response was overwhelmingly positive for the year ahead. People expect to see their businesses do even better because they believe that economy is driving a higher level of demand for the services and products our industry offers.

Where does this demand come from? I think it comes in large part from our society’s collective view of the future. A few years ago, when all the economic news was gloom and doom and we suffered through a terrible recession, the future that people imagined was bleak. And, when someone believes they see something terrible or difficult ahead, the natural reaction is to stop in your tracks. That is pretty much what everyone did. Whether it was businesses developing and introducing new products and services or consumers buying them, everyone screamed on the brakes for what felt like forever. Confidence in the hope of a positive future has returned, though, and the good year that was 2014 has most everyone looking for better things in 2015.

Even if the future is just a concept, we are always moving toward it and life is a series of decisions made and not made. And, it is on that note that I must pass along the sad news that this will be final column in Plumbing Engineer. I will be moving onto other adventures in a different industry and making a move westward with my family. It is an exciting time, but also bittersweet.

I have had a wonderful run here the past few years and can’t say enough to thank all of those who have helped and supported me all around the industry. From the staff at TMB Publishing to all of our wonderful contributors and partners, everyone has been amazing to work with and I truly will miss this industry. And, thank you also to all the readers who have been there with their feedback and just reading this publication every month. I know that whoever follows me will do a phenomenal job moving Plumbing Engineer ever further into the bright future I see for it.

I will close with a quote from one of my favorite philosophers, Kermit the Frog. In “A Muppet Christmas Carol” he said, “Life is filled with meetings and partings. That is the way of it.”

Indeed it is. I wish all of you all the best in your futures. Make yours bright, as well.

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