Tyco introduces BFV-300 Butterfly Valve

Tyco Fire Protection Products introduces the BFV-300 Butterfly Valve.

New features of the valve make it smaller, lighter and easier to install and service. Tapping boss locations save time by allowing for quick upstream direct connection to a deluge valve and downstream connection of additional components, or drainage for dry maintenance. The traveling nut gearbox features a single moving part, allowing for a smaller, more compact design that is easier to handle, install and operate. On average, the gearbox is 50 percent smaller than conventional gearboxes and contributes to the creation of up to 40 percent lightweight than traditional butterfly valves on the market. The BFV-300 also features a QR code printed on the gearbox cover for instant on-site access to digital on-line product information by scanning the code with a smart device.\

Other features of the BFV-300 include a grooved or wafer connection for installation on a range of systems, and supervisory open and closed options – supervisory open to isolate the alarm valve, or supervisory closed for use in a by-pass system. Additionally, the valve is 100 percent silicon-free and available in sizes from 2- to 12-inch (DN50 – DN300). The BFV-300 is also fully approved globally for greater assurance. The new BFV-300 is the next generation butterfly valve.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products
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