Tyco Ultra K-34 286° Sprinkler​

Tyco Fire Protection Products, announces the newest addition to its Quell Fire Sprinkler System, the Ultra K-34 286° Sprinkler. Designed for a higher level of protection than standard spray sprinklers, the Ultra K-34 286° Sprinkler can eliminate the need for in-rack sprinklers. The dependable performance of the new Ultra K-34 286° Sprinkler is FM approved and backed by the industry’s best warranty. The new Ultra K-34 286° Sprinkler is used in accordance with the Quell System Methodology design criteria, and can help provide ceiling-only protection for up to 55 feet. Designed for cold storage and unheated warehouses, the coverage helps you reduce maintenance costs and provide smart fire protection. The Quell Fire Sprinkler System helps maximize storage and lower costs, while providing greater flexibility. The highly predictable technology also offers a unique “surround and drown” approach to controlling a fire, as the right sprinklers can be opened regardless of where the fire starts.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products
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