Viega and ARCOM sign agreement to promote solutions in MasterSpec​

Viega and ARCOM have announced a partnership to promote Viega solutions to architects, engineers and design professionals in the leading specification software MasterSpec.

ARCOM carefully reviews each manufacturer and their products to ensure they meet the quality criteria MasterSpec is known for. MasterSpec, a product of the AIA, has become the most trusted and comprehensive specification system in the building industry. ARCOM provides manufacturer and product information for thousands of products specified in its specifications.

Specifiers can quickly access a list of building product manufacturers related to the sections specifiers are working on. ARCOM’s team of professional spec writers will work with Viega to modify original MasterSpec sections to include content applicable to their products. They will also work with Viega on an intelligent Q&A editor tool to enhance the specifier’s experience, making it easier for specifiers to create project specs featuring Viega solutions.

“There is a high demand from our customers for Viega product systems and solutions to be included in the MasterSpec program,” said Jason McKinnon, director of technical services, Viega. “As our industry grows, so do we. This is one of many steps we’re taking to enhance Viega services and believe this partnership will benefit design professionals as they select and specify products.”



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