Water mixing, recirculation system

The IntelliStation is a digital water mixing and recirculation system.  The smart delivery system allows managers of commercial and institutional facilities such as hospitals, hotels, universities, and multi-family residences to ensure safe and efficient tempered water delivery. The IntelliStation provides fast-response digital temperature regulation of domestic water within +/-2°F, even during low and zero-demand periods. It can be integrated in a building automation system (BAS) using BACnet and Modbus protocols to allow remote monitoring and control of water temperatures by facilities managers. The IntelliStation is easily configurable in the field and does not require the use of proprietary software. A smart controller with a 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen interface displays nearly 200 combinations of critical data, including mixed outlet temperature, and mixed and return flow, as well as energy consumption. It also features a sanitization mode for high-temperature system purges to address bacteria and controls a recirculation pump to optimize loop performance.

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Watts Water
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