Watts Radiant ThermalPro Boiler Stations

Watts Radiant launched its next generation of ThermalPro boiler stations, which feature expanded pump choices. The ThermalPro units are simple pre-piped, insulated pumping stations for mechanical rooms available in a variety of non-mixed and mixed configurations. They allow fast, easy installation and connection of a boiler (or other hydronic heat source) to any component in a heating system and have a clean, sleek look. Multiple units can be assembled in minutes, saving installation time and cost.

ThermalPro stations come complete with supply and return connections, check stop, isolation valves, sensor wells, pressure bypass valve, and circulator. Stations are designed for units offering a mixed temperature and a 24 V three-way floating point mixing valve. All units are completely encased in compact multi-piece foam insulation, and can be installed as either an independent unit or combined in a header containing up to five units with both mixed and non-mixed units.

For more information, visit WattsRadiant.com.

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Watts Radiant
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